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Living in Gratitude

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Dr. Mary adjusting a baby in India

I just returned home from a 10 day mission trip to Delhi, India where myself and 25 other Chiropractors, chiropractic students and friends provided adjustments and love to over 5000 people during a four day festival put on by the Sant Nirankari Mission. I’m struggling to describe my experience as words cannot convey the impact this act of service had on my soul. Before this trip, I thought of myself as a grateful person. Now, I know what the true meanings of Service and Gratitude are and I can say that I am Living in Gratitude!

Every time a parent (who rarely spoke English and had little knowledge about what Chiropractic was) handed me their child, I felt a deep sense of gratitude. I would check the baby’s nervous system, address the concerns that the parents had (through a translator), remove any interference in the communication between the brain and their body, and give them hope when I could. I worked on kids with Muscular dystrophy, Cerebral palsy, blindness, injuries from vaccines, autism, to name a few and each time I handed those children back to their parents, I would bow my head and say “thank you.” I was grateful to be able to serve others by laying my hands on them, allowing a shift to occur in their bodies. They were grateful for the love and the healing. It was the perfect symbiotic relationship where we mutually benefited.  The people we served including the volunteers, translators and organizers took such good care of us and allowed us to serve out of abundance. There were thousands of volunteers who were there to serve mankind. Some slept in big tents with one blanket, hoses as showers and still showed up smiling and ready to serve.

On one particular day while I was adjusting a “Holy Man” I heard a voice in my head that said,  “This is it. This is your reward for finding your calling. You listened. You trusted that you would be blessed beyond measure and you are. Enjoy the moment!”  At times, leaning over people while I made that connection, tears of Gratitude would fall onto them and I had to breathe deeply to stay present. Being present has always been something I work at and this experience felt like the final exam. I passed!

Throughout those 4 days, I watched our team serve together. Connecting through a glance and a smile, no words were needed to bond in that experience. The energy in the tent was so surreal that even with hovering news crews, photographers, VIPs and an amazing team of translators there was a peacefulness knowing that the only person that mattered at that moment was the person lying on my table.  Everything else was blurred and muffled.  I got to stay in gratitude and I never wanted to leave. So on the day after “Thanksgiving” I am making everyday Thanksgiving!

Today, I am grateful for the amazing toilet paper we have here in the US. If you’ve ever been to India, I’m sure you understand.

In Gratitude!

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Hey baby, How about a nighttime snack?

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When Moms ask me how long I breastfed my daughters, I look up to the sky as if I’m counting the years and then I say jokingly, “Right up until they started middle school?” Having three daughters all roughly two years apart, I was breastfeeding for about a 6 year period of time and breastfeeding was one of the best experiences of my life. Think about how amazing is it that our bodies are designed to not only carry and birth people but to give them all of the nutrition they need to thrive and survive. I could write about ALL of the great benefits of breastfeeding however, I’m going to take it up a notch and just talk specifically about breastfeeding at night.

An article that was written for Breastfeed Chicago entitled ‘5 cool things no one ever told you about nighttime breastfeeding’ stated this.  Are you ready?

1) Breastfeeding moms get more sleep.

2) Breastfeeding women have a higher level of  hormones at night therefore produce more milk at night.

3) Nighttime breast milk contains melatonin (a sleep inducing hormone) which babies don’t develop in early life.

4) Nighttime breast milk is rich in brain boosting substances, mood affecting hormones and helps with sleep/wake cycles.

5) Keeps mom’s long term milk supply steady and strong which can lead to less pumping during the day.

For anyone who wants to be blown away by how intelligent our bodies are, I encourage you to click here for the article  to get the “why and “how.”

The gift of MORE sleep, lowering your postpartum depression risk, building and developing babies brains, possibly reducing their risk for long-term mood disorders,  developing their own circadian cycles, ensuring your long-term breast milk supply, giving you an opportunity to pump less at work are just a few reasons to make you want to wake up at night to nurse your baby. Honestly, the Greatest reason is because you love your baby and yourself and want what is best for both of you! Cheers!!



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A Little Lemon

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I have a lemon tree in my backyard that produces a ridiculous amount of lemons. The good news is that lemons have so many beneficial qualities and I have an abundance of them. The not so good news is that I have this habit of “pruning” the tree myself.  I have absolutely no idea how to prune a tree, I just go with my instincts and cut branches that don’t look like they want to be there. My husband calls me Edward Scissor-hands after a pruning frenzy but I truly believe that after I finish this task, the lucky remaining lemons get a burst of energy from the earth and taste so much better. I love living a healthy lifestyle . Squeezing a little lemon into your water everyday is a great way to get yourself and your family to drink more water which is essential to good health. Of course, eating lots of fruits and veggies is the best way to stay hydrated. I use lemon in herbal teas, stir-fried and steamed veggie dishes, and home-made salad dressings among other things.

It’s a simple way to cleanse and purify your body on a daily basis and  if you have a lemon tree in your yard, then you’re all set.

Pruning lessons! THAT is what I want for Mother’s Day!! I’m serious!

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Fearful of Fevers?

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When you or your child has a fever, does it make you nervous? Would you like to be less Fearful of Fevers? Maybe this explanation will help ease your mind.  I was a medical technology major before I decided to become a Chiropractor and I spent numerous hours in the lab culturing bacteria samples. The ONE constant with ALL of the bacteria was that they grew and multiplied, very aggressively at times, until we placed them in high temperature settings. The bacteria could not thrive or ultimately survive in higer than “normal” body temperatures. Sometimes, it only took raising the temperature 3-4 degrees to see the decline in growth.  I think that most people know that fevers actually are an important part of  the healing process. WHY then, when you or your child has a fever would you try and lower the body temperature? If someone has a fever due to heat stroke or poison call 911.  If someone suffers from seizures caused by fevers, then lower their temperature. Those are exceptions to allowing the body temperature to rise.  In my family, when any of us have had a fever, we put on cotton sweats, got in bed with extra blankets to raise our body temperature in order to “knock out” the  viruses and/or bacterium. Within 48 hours, we were back in action. We see a alot of kids in our practice and have witnessed their amazing bodies “burn out” all sorts of super bugs. Sometimes parents just need a little reassurance that their child is going to be fine and that their healthy immune system is on the job.

If you EVER need reassurance about fevers or other health concerns, come to my blog and leave a comment.  I will cyber-walk with you through the process. That is my committment to making this world healthier!  Still Fearful of Fevers? I’m promise you… you got this!  

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Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Home Birth

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I recently read an article, Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Home Birth,  in TODAY Moms written by the actress, Ph.D Mayim Bialik who is an advocate for home births and it was as if I wrote the article myself. Having had two of my three daughters born at home, I have spent the last 26 plus years discussing, lecturing about and even at times defending why Ron and I chose to deliver our babies at home. Some people thought we were crazy while others were inspired and went on to have beautiful home-birth experiences of their own. I have been to over two dozen home births as a friend/supporter and can tell you first hand that BIRTH IS A NATURAL PROCESS and women’s bodies were created to birth babies. I love talking about babies and birthing so if you have any questions, please ask or you can leave a comment.

Dr. Mary

If you want to read the article you can find it here.

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5 Physical Activities You Can Do With Your Children

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Teaching your kids the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle is extremely important for both their current and future health. But, as any parent knows, it can sometimes be quite a challenge. Forcing kids to participate in activities they don’t enjoy can cause them to rebel and despise the exact principals you are trying to teach them. Instead, focus on planning fun physical activities that the kids will love doing for even many hours per day. There are hundreds of fun options that will get kids interested in physical activity and exercise; you just have to get motivated to join them in the process.

1. Tag Games: Classic games that kids get into often have some sort of tag component. From basic freeze tag, sardines, to the basic hide and go seek. Just freeze tag will get your kids running more in one game than they normally would all week long. The more people you get involved the better, so invite the entire neighborhood.

2. Bike Riding: An obvious choice that is often overlooked is just to grab the bikes and head out on a nice ride as an entire family. Set some goals such as a distance, time, or destination to make it new and exciting every time.

3. Play Frisbee: People forget how much fun playing Frisbee is and the physical benefits from tossing around a disc. You can get a game of ultimate Frisbee going, head to a disc golf course, or just throw it around amongst the family. Either way, you are guaranteed to get some exercise.

 4. Wide Games: There are many versions of wide games that usually involve a treasure hunt, seizure of a treasure, or land conquering games. Kids can create their own unique version or stick with classics like cops and robbers. Games like these that they can play in the community will get everyone involved and always be a lot of fun while simultaneously providing some exercise.

5. Racing: The most basic human instinct is still a ton of fun for kids. You can run, bike ride, roller blade, skateboard, or whatever it is that is most fun for the people involved. The goal is simple, get from the starting line to the finish line before everyone else. Make some prizes for the winners and get kids racing against each other for fun. They won’t even realize you are tricking them into running on a daily basis.

Growing up loving and playing sports, and even playing volleyball in college, I knew I HAD to marry a man who also loved sports – so I married a basketball player (played overseas). Besides health and chiropractic, sports is an important THEME in our family. Our girls started playing sports at an early age because they loved to be moving, running and scoring (competition is also very important in our family). Two of our daughters played sports in college. One played lacrosse at UCLA and another played volleyball at Montana State University. We’ve always played a lot of games as a family (Marco Polo pool games were not for the meek); which made exercising a normal part of our lives. All five of us exercise regularly and none of us have the same exercise routine.

It’s so important for kids to be active and moving their bodies, which increases their health on many levels. It increases their self-esteem, body awareness, balance, confidence and mood. AND if they are not athletic or into sports, they can still be physically active by doing all sorts of fun activities, like riding a bike, swimming, surfing, playing tag, etc. If you “play” along with them and turn family time into exercise, you will ALL benefit. Give it a try. Tag, you’re it!!!

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Chiropractic for Kids

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The most common question I hear from parents when I speak about chiropractic and children is, “why do kids get adjusted?” The simplest answer to that question is because they have a nervous system just like adults and that nervous system works better and more efficiently when there is no interference (vertebral subluxations). When their nerve systems are not functioning at the highest level, it can decrease their immune system, among other things, causing their bodies to function in a weakened state. The result? Ear infections, colds, viral infections, skin issues, etc. Kids who get adjusted have stronger, healthier nerve systems.

Dr. Amy Horn does a great job explaining chiropractic and kids in this segment. She and I have a passion for chiropractic pediatrics and LOVE sharing what we do with everyone. Great job Dr. Amy!!!

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Come Join Us!

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Raising Healthy Kids Workshop - April 15, 2014
I know that many parents struggle to find the time and resources to incorporate healthy habits into their child(ren)’s daily routine. Come join me at one of my workshops on ‘Raising Healthy Kids’, and discover nutrition and lifestyle approaches to improving your child’s health.

This workshop will feature practical steps to effectively tackle every parent’s main concern – getting their kids to develop healthy habits! The workshop is for adults only, but it will give parents tools to take home and share with their children, getting everyone motivated to stay healthy.

Space is limited, so please register early. The event flyer for the Raising Healthy Kids Workshop can be downloaded here. For more information, you can email us at or call us at 619.275.4343. The workshop is FREE and open to the public.