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The most common question I hear from parents when I speak about chiropractic and children is, “why do kids get adjusted?” The simplest answer to that question is because they have a nervous system just like adults and that nervous system works better and more efficiently when there is no interference (vertebral subluxations). When their nerve systems are not functioning at the highest level, it can decrease their immune system, among other things, causing their bodies to function in a weakened state. The result? Ear infections, colds, viral infections, skin issues, etc. Kids who get adjusted have stronger, healthier nerve systems.

Dr. Amy Horn does a great job explaining chiropractic and kids in this segment. She and I have a passion for chiropractic pediatrics and LOVE sharing what we do with everyone. Great job Dr. Amy!!!


  1. Heather Short

    Love your blog Mary! I have passed the link along to several people, including Hannah. Your articles are so well written, concise and to the point! And as you know, I chose to have home births because of you. You are an inspiration to me and women all over the world.

    1. drmary Post author

      Thanks Heather! You had such beautiful home births and I loved being there witnessing the beauty, joy and miracle of life!

  2. Donna Chiappa

    Hi Mary~ I also had 2 amazing home-births because of you. I don’t know if I could have done it without your love and inspiration! The beach and ocean are also my Happy Places! They always have been.

    1. drmary Post author

      Thanks for your beautiful comment Donna. I will never forget Abby and Kathryn’s births, April 9th two years apart. You are one of the strongest women I know.

  3. Sydney

    As if my future baby decisions weren’t already solidified, now they are. The last point is enough for me, but that article is really cool.. In short, thank you for doing everything you did, now I appreciate it on another level 🙂

    1. drmary Post author

      Syd, You’re welcome! You were a fun, cute and happy baby and now you are an amazing woman. Everything I did for you was worth it!

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