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Committed to living a healthy lifestyle

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It really can be THAT simple! I’m talking about living a healthy lifestyle. THE first step is making the commitment. If you can’t or won’t then take the pressure off yourself and live your life how you see fit. The upside: you can be as lazy as you want and you have more free time. The downside: the quality of your life and health will suffer.  I was 18 years old when I COMMITTED TO LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. I started exercising regularly, eating healthy foods that nourish my body and focused on keeping my mind, body and spirit as free and clear as possible. I found that if you make living a healthy lifestyle part of your day… your world… your life… it’s EASY.  Choose an exercise that you enjoy doing. Eat fresh fruits, veggies and unprocessed foods THAT YOU LIKE!  Read books that enlighten you. Set up a peaceful, healing and loving environment. Choose to be around people who you want in your life.  AND, of course, get your nervous system checked by a Chiropractor to ensure that your body and all of its systems are functioning at the highest possible level.

Here are three reasons that people decide to live a healthy lifestyle:

1) Inspiration

2) Motivation

3) Desperation.

Please don’t wait for #3.  Start TODAY! Your life may depend on it!

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Fearful of Fevers?

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When you or your child has a fever, does it make you nervous? Would you like to be less Fearful of Fevers? Maybe this explanation will help ease your mind.  I was a medical technology major before I decided to become a Chiropractor and I spent numerous hours in the lab culturing bacteria samples. The ONE constant with ALL of the bacteria was that they grew and multiplied, very aggressively at times, until we placed them in high temperature settings. The bacteria could not thrive or ultimately survive in higer than “normal” body temperatures. Sometimes, it only took raising the temperature 3-4 degrees to see the decline in growth.  I think that most people know that fevers actually are an important part of  the healing process. WHY then, when you or your child has a fever would you try and lower the body temperature? If someone has a fever due to heat stroke or poison call 911.  If someone suffers from seizures caused by fevers, then lower their temperature. Those are exceptions to allowing the body temperature to rise.  In my family, when any of us have had a fever, we put on cotton sweats, got in bed with extra blankets to raise our body temperature in order to “knock out” the  viruses and/or bacterium. Within 48 hours, we were back in action. We see a alot of kids in our practice and have witnessed their amazing bodies “burn out” all sorts of super bugs. Sometimes parents just need a little reassurance that their child is going to be fine and that their healthy immune system is on the job.

If you EVER need reassurance about fevers or other health concerns, come to my blog and leave a comment.  I will cyber-walk with you through the process. That is my committment to making this world healthier!  Still Fearful of Fevers? I’m promise you… you got this!  


Mission Accomplished!

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Mission Accomplished - Dr. Mary Oberstein

I’m generally not a nostalgic person. I strive to live in the present and have always felt that living in the past hinders forward progress and growth. That being said, I’m 24 hours away from witnessing my oldest daughter, Lauren, walk across the stage of my Alma Mater, Life University, to receive her diploma and become a Chiropractor. Her fiance will follow her moments later and I promise that at some point in my life I will introduce him as Matt: my son-in-law-the-doctor! This picture above was taken 28 years ago when I walked across that stage. Excited? Yes! It was, at that moment, the greatest day of my life! I wanted to make a change in the world. I wanted to touch as many people as possible, give people hope and tell everyone on the planet that with a properly functioning nervous system, the body can and will heal. Today, I feel that I have been fulfilling my mission AND I’m not done. There are a lot more people who I want to get my hands on. 🙂 Yea, I’m also remembering Lauren in diapers (cloth of course) and I’m feeling that “Mom Pride”; however, for me it’s deeper. I KNOW how she feels… I’m feeling it again today. Excited for Her future… My future… Our future! Tomorrow when she takes that oath, I will reconfirm mine. To serve mankind!!

Walking across that stage I had a feeling that I’d marry a chiropractor (check) and that my kids would be chiropractors (check) and that they’d marry chiropractors (looking good so far), and that my future grandchildren would be chiropractors (stay tuned).

You see, I always encourage my girls to listen. Listen to their inner voice. The one that knows what is best for them. The one that will keep them on THEIR own path. I encourage them to find something they are passionate about and move towards that. I never once told them to be chiropractors. What I want for them most is Freedom. Freedom to be who THEY ARE regardless of anybody or anything. Mission Accomplished!

I was going to blog today about Lauren’s birth story. Planned home birth. 51 hours of labor. Emergency C-section. Punctured lung. NICU. One chiropractic adjustment by her Dad. Normal lung. Leaves hospital against medical advice. Grows up healthy. Becomes a chiropractor…I’m going to save that story for another time when I’m feeling nostalgic!

Dr. Mary